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Welcome to the NAV CANADA Aviation Weather Web Site (AWWS).

The NAV CANADA Aviation Weather Web Site (AWWS) provides flight-planning capability via the Internet for your convenience. This capability includes aviation weather, NOTAM and electronic flight plan filing applicable to flight operations within Canadian Domestic Airspace.

This Internet service is not a full, interpretive briefing. Prior to flying, pilots are encouraged to obtain an interpretative weather briefing and all pertinent NOTAM from the Flight Information Centre (FIC) in their region by calling 1-866-WX-BRIEF.

If you want to learn more about how to use this web site, please click on the User's Guide button above.

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The AWWS is constantly undergoing upgrades and changes, so check this site regularly for new features and updates on planned improvements.

What's New?

[November 2009]
WxMail – “Send Now” Feature Added

A Send Now feature has been added to Wx Mail Service that will allow customers to immediately send their saved weather recalls to their registered email address.

[October 2009]
Radar and Satellite Animation

Radar and satellite images can now be animated. Playback controls have been added that will permit the playback of a series of radar or satellite images. An explanation of this feature and the playback controls has been added to the AWWS User’s Guide.

Composite Radar “Drilldown” Feature

When viewing composite radar products, it will now be possible to select or “drilldown” to either a regional radar composite or an individual site radar product simply by clicking on the composite radar product with your mouse. A hyperlink at the top of the page has also been added to allow you to return to the radar product menu.

NOTAM Printing

NOTAM retrieved on AWWS can now be selectively printed. Checkboxes will appear beside retrieved NOTAM that will allow you to print all NOTAM, groups of NOTAM or individual NOTAM simply by clicking in the appropriate checkboxes.

METAR/Weather Camera Link

A weather camera (Wx Cam) link will now appear beside retrieved METAR reports for sites that are also equipped with an aviation weather camera. Clicking on this link will open the associated AWWS weather camera page.

[August 2008]
New Comox Wx Charts, Turbulence Chart Retention and Reversal of METAR Order

New Comox (DND) analysis and prognosis charts have been added for the Pacific coastal area. Canadian Turbulence charts will now be retained until they reach their valid time. The display order of METAR/SPECI reports will be reversed.

[April 2008]
New Wx Cam Site (Addenbroke Island Lighthouse)

Addenbroke Island Lighthouse , BC, has been added to the web site on the Wx Cam page. 

[February 2008]
New Wx Cam Site (Fraser Camp) and GFA Navigation Improvements

Fraser Camp, BC, has been added to the web site on the Wx Cam page.  Improvements have also been made to the GFA navigation options.

[August 2007]
"Notices" button

A new link called "Notices" has been added to the Forecast and Observations page. This NAV CANADA page displays a list of notices and notifications of changes to the air navigation system.

[August 2007]
Mouse-over for GFAs and GOES East and West Satellite Images

A New Mouse-over function is available for the GFAs and GOES East and West Satellite Images of Canada. The Mouse-over displays the location names and ids of the aerodromes in the regions.

[May 2007]
New Wx Cam Site (Chatham Point)

Chatham Point, BC, has been added to the web site on the Wx Cam page. 

[April 2007]
BC Seasonal VFR Route Forecast

Alphanumeric VFR Route Forecast has been added for a select number of VFR routes in British Columbia. This new product can be found in the Forecasts and Observations page under Alphanumeric Data.

[March 2007]
2 New Upper winds charts

Two Upper Wind charts have been added on the Forecasts and Observations page: FL390 and 450.

[March 2007]
1 New Significant Weather chart

The Atlantic Significant weather chart has been added on the Forecasts and Observations page.

[March 2007]

An "AWWS News" window has been added to the website just below the NAV CANADA banner. This window provides important, current information about website outages, planned service interruptions, new products and pertinent aviation notices. It is recommended that website users frequently check the "AWWS News" window.

[January 2007]

In November 2005, the terms (and only the terms) employed for NOTAM on the Aviation Weather Web Site were modified to better reflect and explain the complicated Canadian NOTAM System. The wording has been changed to match the AIM (MAP 5.6.8) file names:
3 files:
   - Aerodrome NOTAM file (old name: Aerodrome)
   - FIR NOTAM file (old name: FIR)
   - National NOTAM file (old name: Head office)

Also, the new term "Local NOTAM only" was introduced to emphasize the fact that it is not a file. It is only an Aviation Weather Web Site option.

Finally, the "VFR" and "IFR" options, in the route data page were changed to "Corridor" and "Waypoint" respectively, so that you can understand better what the web site system automatically retrieves. This way you can cognitively choose which NOTAM you need for a particular flight or aircraft instead of the system arbitrarily deciding what's needed for a specific flight rule.

The additonal changes done this month are:

- A complete automatic retrieval of FIR NOTAM file in "Route data": once you have selected "FIR NOTAM", the system will now retrieve all FIR NOTAM for your route even if you only choose the "waypoint NOTAM" option.

- "Aerodrome NOTAM file" option has been added to Route and Local Data selection menus

- CZNB NOTAM file option has been added for Arctic radio and International Air Frequencies

- The selection pages have been redesigned for easier access to the information.

Note: You can find more details in the "tips" section or user's guide of the website.

[November 2006]
Live RVR

A new link to "Live RVR" has been added to the Forecast and Observation page. This new NAV CANADA product displays "as it happens" RVR data for 30 Canadian airports as well as wind speed, direction and gust, with a refresh rate of 30 seconds.

[November 2006]
US Weather cameras

A new link to US weather cameras including the Fraser, BC camera installed under a joint US / Canada initiative has been added on the Forecasts and Observations page under Additional links.

[November 2006]
New Wx Cam Site (Estevan Point)

Estevan Point Lightstation, BC, has been added to the web site on the Wx Cam page. 

[October 2006]
Local Graphic Forecast (LGF)

A new graphic weather product has been added: The Local Graphic Forecast (LGF). It describes the most probable weather conditions (clouds, weather and low level turbulence) expected to occur between the surface and 10,000 feet over a given area at a specific time (the valid time) only.

The "look and feel" of the LGF is similar to the GFA; however, it does NOT replace the GFA.

Our first LGF product is the West Coast VFR LGF which has been designed to meet the needs of the Pacific coastal aviation community under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) only: 3 distinct embedded areas covering the entire Pacific coast of British Columbia. They comprise of the North Coast, Central Coast and South Coast domains.

Also, a description of the sea state over open seas is provided.

The West Coast LGF is a VFR product; therefore, icing in clouds is NOT included.

This new product can be found under the "Graphical Weather Products" section in the Forecasts and Observations page.

[June 2006]
New Wx Cam Site (Dawson Creek)

Dawson Creek has been added to the web site on the Wx Cam page. 

[April 2006]
New Wx Cam Site (Bella Bella)

Bella Bella has been added to the web site on the Wx Cam page. 

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